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by Lori Sciame | November 21st, 2012 | Accessories, Women's Fashion

Hot women’s accessories vary from season to season, so a fashion conscious woman needs to be on top of the latest trends.  Of course, knowing what fashion designers are showing on the runway offers a great way to be in the know.  As the most exclusive fashion shows proved, the accessories of fall 2012 can be described as mesmerizing.  Want to make a statement?  Read on to find out which accessories are a must this season.


Shorter women may choose to stay away from wearing capes, as they have a tendency to shorten the silhouette of the body even more.  Thank goodness capelets grace today’s top models.  These abbreviated versions of long capes adorn the shoulders in a more delicate manner, yet they still offer warmth – and plenty of style. Capelets come in sweater versions worn over t-shirts, and they come in faux fur styles to wear as a cold weather wrap.  Check out Neiman-Marcus for leopard print capelets and cozy raccoon fur capelets.  Available in all price ranges, capelets are one accessory that any woman, no matter her stature of age, can successfully wear.


Gloves in rich colors and fabrics can accessorize just about any outfit from formal to informal.  For instance, opera gloves in deep red, paired with a little black dress add drama as well as a dash of spice. Gloves can also punch up a casual outfit. Wear leather gloves in nude with a creme color sweater, a Burberry scarf, skinny jeans, and boots for a look that will catch everyone’s attention.  One thing is for sure, everyone should own several pair of gloves to be in style this fall.

Floppy Hats

Marc Jacobs and other top designers introduced a fun, frivolous accessory for fall 2012 – the faux fur floppy hat.  Reminiscent of what hippies wore in the 1960’s, these hats have been updated with vibrant colors – fuschia, burnt orange, emerald green – and they are best worn by those who wish to portray a sense of whimsy.  Although not the best accessory for the office, these floppy hats look cute at a trendy coffee shop or even a local wine bar.  Depending on how a woman styles her hair, this darling accessory may or may not work for her.

Chunk Jewelry

Jewelry for the fall remains bold.  Necklaces with weight and substance complement dresses and tops.  From depictions of birds, to large crosses, to geometric shapes, a necklace exists to suit every woman’s sense of style.  Check out Charming Charlies for hundreds of necklaces in every color, or opt for a local accessory boutique for a more exclusive feel.

Accessories for All

Accessories fall in and out of style.  Take a cue from famous designers to find the hottest items available.  Capelets, gloves, floppy hats, and chunk jewelry have the honor of being some of the best choices for 2012.


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