Fresh Takes: Summer Office Fashion

by Anna P. | July 5th, 2013 | Office Wear

officeSummertime is not the season most of us want to remain holed up in a stuffy office. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have a choice about where to spend most of our summer days. We do, however, have a choice about what to wear. You can make the most of your season by dressing up with style, even in the office. Here are some stylish tips and fresh takes for office fashion this summer.

1- Brighten Up

Give black, brown, and gray a break. Break out brighter hues like coral, soft blue, red, fuchsia, lime, lavender, and white. Try pairing a brightly colored blouse or sweater with dark pants or a skirt. You could add a lightweight cardigan sweater if you want, but if your top looks dressy enough, you won’t have to. Another stylish option to consider? A brightly colored or fun printed sheath dress. If you’re not into brightly colored garments, you could consider bright accessories such as shoes, handbags, or jewelry. No matter what option you choose, be sure to limit the number of brights you wear and to balance them out with darker or more muted shades. Another thing to keep in mind: never wear head-to-toe brights.

2- Use Accessories

Let your accessories do all the talking. Choose fun pieces to brighten up your total look. Think chunky rings, large pearl necklaces, drop earrings, bangles, and any kind of bauble that’s appropriate for the office. Don’t pile on lots of jewelry and accessory pieces; you want to keep the look pretty but simple. Before you head out the door, look into the mirror and check to see how many pieces you have on. If it looks like too many, remove a piece.  This adage applies to other accessories as well.

3- Put Away the Blazer

Skip the blazer this season, and wear dresses or tops with short sleeves instead. Prevent sweat by opting for garments in lightweight fabrics that are breathable. Skip layering pieces, and keep the whole look simple. Summertime should be a season of comfort. Make sure you dress the part to stay comfy.


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