Fun Flip-Flops under $50

by Jessica B. | May 20th, 2015 | Shoes, Women's Fashion

flip flops (400x400)In my book there is no reason why a pair of flip-flops should cost more than $50 per pair. But thankfully there are a ton of great, stylish and even designer flip-flops that fall well within the $50 price tag. Here are a few of my favorite flip-flops for the season that come in at bargain prices. What kind of flip-flops will you be wearing this season?

Lily Pulitzer Flip Flop – Did you manage to sneak out of Target earlier this season with anything from their Lily Pulitzer collection? If so, check out these flip-flops with a beautiful pink and blue pattern on them. They will go great with all of your Target Lily Pulitzer items, or even just a nice swimsuit cover-up.

Havaianas High Fashion Flip-Flops – Do flip-flops not give your legs enough shape? If not, check out these wedge flip flops, which will give you some comfortable, support and look great with all of the maxi dresses you have lined up to wear this season. These flip-flops come in a variety of colors and you won’t even notice you are wearing heels.

North Face Basecamp Lite Flip Flop – These flip-flops may not look the snazziest, but they are the epitome of comfort. Made by hiking, outdoors experts at The North Face, these flip-flops will feel comfortable and support your feet out on the trails, on the beach, or just roaming the city streets for hours on end.

Vans Malta – While Vans are usually known for their comfortable, wearable sneakers, they have also launched a line of flip-flops. This pair is adorable and also exceedingly comfortable. I like them in the simple black, but they also come with braided bands, leopard print and extra bangles if you like that kind of thing.

Sanuk Yoga Paradise – These flip flops are rather simple in design, but are among the most comfortable flip-flops I have ever owned. They are great for going and getting a simple manicure, or hitting the NYC streets for hours of sightseeing. They come in only a few colors, and the real kick to the design is the pattern underneath the thong, but you don’t need the extra kick here, these shoes look great.

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