Fun Flower Headbands for Under $10

by Lana Bandoim | May 1st, 2015 | Accessories, Women's Fashion

flower headband (400x400)You can celebrate spring and summer with these fun headbands featuring flowers. The flowers can blossom on your head even if your yard is still a mess, and the roses refuse to bloom. The headbands are less than $10, so you can stock up on more than one style.

Double Rainbow Flower Headband

The Double Rainbow Flower Headband costs $5.50 and features two large flowers on a metal band. The sky blue band is thin and flexible, so it is easy to wear. The flowers have pink, yellow, blue and green petals. The center of each flower is blue and covered in sparkles.

Flower and Rhinestone Copper Finish Headband

The Flower and Rhinestone Copper Finish Headband costs $3.50 and includes a long row of flowers on a plastic band. The copper finish is not the only option, and this headband is available in silver, rainbow, brown, black and white. Each flower has a small rhinestone in the center, so the band sparkles as you move. It also includes a small comb hidden under the flowers to help you keep the headband in one spot.

Ribbon Flower with Crystal Beads and Pearls Headband

If you are looking for a more feminine style, the Ribbon Flower with Crystal Beads and Pearls Headband is a good option. It costs $8.50 and features a light pink flower on a metal band. The flower is made from sheer fabric and covered in pearls, crystal beads and gold string.

Lace Flowers Headband

The Lace Flowers Headband costs $6.50 and offers a delicate alternative to the traditional bands. The plastic headband is covered in white flowers made from lace. Each flower has careful stitching and small patterns. The band is lightweight, so it will not be difficult to wear all day.

Floral Garland Headband

The Floral Garland Headband costs $6.90 and is available in bright yellow or pink. The elastic band is covered in fabric flowers. Half of the flowers have lace centers while the others have black centers. This band will help you stand out in the crowd with its brilliant floral display.

Twisted Daisy Headband

The Twisted Daisy Headband costs $4.90 and mimics a true garden masterpiece. The brown twisted cord is covered in green leaves and five large daisies. It still manages to be lightweight, so you can wear it without feeling tired.

Flower Cat Ears Headband

Are you looking for a headband that is truly unique? The Flower Cat Ears Headband is the answer and costs $4.90.  Four flowers are assembled into the shape of a cat’s ear on each side of the band. The peach, cream and white color scheme keeps the overall look feminine. The flowers are a mix of fabric and lace, and the headband is comfortable to wear.

Floral Headband

This Floral Headband costs $4.90 and features a unique band that is partially made with a cord. The other half of the band is elastic, so it is more comfortable to wear. The cord half is covered in dusty pink roses and is designed to look like a twig.

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