Funky, Fresh Fashion Accessories

by Lori Sciame | April 4th, 2014 | Accessories, Women's Fashion

jewelry (400x400)The spring of 2014 features a plethora of funky women’s fashion accessories.  While the evening news may be full of gloom and doom, the fashion world is anything but sad and depressed.

In contrast, fun seems to be the trend of the year.  So, if you desperately need a boost in spirits, invest in one or more of the following accessories; they will be sure to give you (and those who see you) a giggle!

Pin on Some Style

Pins in all shapes and sizes have gained steadily in popularity over the last year.  Attach one to the strap of your backpack, to your jeans belt loop, or to the front pocket of your button down.  These colorful attention grabbers will certainly reveal the inner “fun” you!

Zazzle carries a variety of funky pins, each costing approximately $3.  Choose from retro, kitschy, and even scenic styles.  One of my favorites is the Funny Girl Talk to the Mustache pin.  Click here to see this charmer.

Hiding Behind a Mask

Another hot off beat accessory is the mask.  This whimsical item has been spotted at proms across the United States, plus it has become a fun (and useful) accessory when sleeping on airplanes.

Charming Charlie’s rhinestone version would work well for those attending fancy dress balls or other formal fund raisers where anonymity is required. Follow this link to see their glittery “maiden mask.”

For those who want to look cute while napping on a long flight, check out Mary Green.  I love her sleeping mask that looks like a pair of cat eye glasses!

Howling at the Moon

Faux fur clutches, in sweet pastel or bold bright colors, dominated many runways this year.  Not for the faint at heart, these funky purses carry more than your keys and wallet; they bring along some zing!  GRRRR!

Most women despise real animal fur being used by designers; therefore, fake fur pieces have been embraced by the public.  Cuddle up to your own faux fur clutch.  Maybe try one of these cute versions found on etsy.

Barefoot Sandals – So Sexy!

To be truly in style when going barefoot, invest in some barefoot sandals.  These barely there adornments add quite a bit of fun to activities such as a walk on the beach or even a wedding by a waterfall.

As you can probably surmise, barefoot sandals feature no sole.  They can be crocheted, or made from crystals, ribbons, and beads.  Some have an elegant appearance, but most look casually cool – especially those accented with bright fabric flowers.

Not sure what a barefoot sandal looks like?  Find out here.

Flower Power Resurgence

Daisies fit well with spring.  Their sunny dispositions make them the perfect addition to a funky accessory collection.  Purchase a daisy head wrap or even a daisy ring for an instant smile.

Go Jane has jumped on the daisy bandwagon with a fresh take on the skinny belt. Check out this black patent belt with a funky white metal daisy clasp. Those who tap into flower power can never go wrong.

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