Get Rewarded for Shopping

by Joe Lawrence | December 10th, 2009 | Sales

rewards cardsIt seems like every company and web site is looking for ways to save us money.  Thank you.  However, if you’re like me, you’re wondering why a company would spend money to create a program to save money.  Why not just lower the prices?  There are sites out there with great tips on saving your cash.

Grocery stores have reward cards for free milk after spending so much money.  One local store even helps you save money for gas.  Best Buy gives me $10 off when I buy a $2,500 TV.  My pet store even has a key chain reward card, for God knows why.  Even after all of this, I still do not feel like I am saving any money at all.  The only part of my pockets getting fatter is the keychain that houses all the reward cards.

We rush to get the card, but why?  Sure we save a few bucks here and there, but it seems like the company could save the development, marketing and printing money from all of the cards and lower the prices.  This would save even more money.

Since we are on the topic of saving money, let me tell you about a website that is pretty good.  It is www.flyertalk.com. It is a site dedicated to earning more miles towards frequent flyer miles or getting deals while traveling.  You can get promotion cards for online purchases and participate in the community discussion boards.

In fact, one discussion there led to thousands of free points and numerous airline tickets.  From a tip at this site numerous visitors bought U.S. minted gold collector coins with free shipping.  They charged as many coins as their cards could handle.  Some, reportedly, even got in the $500,000 plus range.  At first I thought this sounded stupid…credit cards are evil.  Then these crafty shoppers took all of the gold minted coins to the bank and placed them in their accounts.  They paid off credit cards and enjoyed all of the free miles earned through the purchase.

Instead of saving $3 on your purchase of milk, look into sites like this offering true rewards.

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