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by Gabriella Servello | June 28th, 2013 | Women's Fashion

GSI contestThank you to all of the contestants and voters who took the time to participate in the Best Dressed Contest! We would like to recognize Julia, contestant number 3, who was the winner of the contest. Congratulations Julia!

For all of you fashionistas out there who would like to get Julia’s look, you’re in luck! We spent this week searching both online and in stores for this outfit, and were able to find something similar for a good price!

Julia’s outfit can be broken up into two sections, so we will begin with the main outfit and then move on to the accessories.

  1. mini_skirt The Striped Mini Skirt is in fashion this summer, as it accentuates the shape of your body with its formfitting style. We were able to find a similar skirt online at Forever 21. This coral and white striped bodycon skirt is perfect for the summertime, especially on those really sunny days! Even better, this skirt costs only $6.80 – what a deal!
  2. rsz_1buttonup_shirtNext comes the Button-Up Collared Shirt, which Julia is wearing in jean material. This loose shirt pairs nicely with the fitted mini skirt, since it balances the outfit. Also, opting for a loose fitting shirt will make your outfit appropriate for work, so not to give the appearance that you are ready for a night in the city. We found this embroidered collared shirt online at Forever 21 for $19.80.
  3. rsz_sandalsJulia’s choice of Jack Rogers Sandals finishes the outfit, reinforcing that professional look. Had she chosen plastic flip flops, the look would be inconsistent (professional vs. beachwear). These fancier sandals still give a summer vibe, but their nude color and fancy design dress them up.  Instead of spending over $100 for Jack Rogers, you can get an identical pair made by the Italian shoe company Mila Paoli for $18 at Marshalls.
  4. rsz_gold_coin_necklaceNow that the outfit is covered, it’s time to move on to the accessories which complete the look. First, Julia is wearing an off-white colored Coin Necklace. Since the button-up collared shirt is plain, this chunky necklace adds a bit of flare and color. We found a similar gold coin necklace at Target.com for $24.99, but it is also sold in stores.
  5. rsz_leather_tote_bag Finally, Julia is modeling a Leather Tote Bag, which is great for the summertime. Whether she is going out for the day with some friends or simply heading to work, this large tote can store many items. Also, the caramel leather is a classy color that can be worn all day long, even at work. These leather tote bags can be found almost anywhere for a good price, although we happened to spot it at Target.com for $17.48.

This entire five piece outfit costs under $100! So ladies, if you’re searching for a new look this summer, save your next paycheck and shop for this outfit! Once again, thank you to Julia for being our source of inspiration!

If you happen to find this outfit for even cheaper than we did, please share it with us!

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