Getting a Tailored Suit

by Jacob Parzych | December 26th, 2013 | Men's Shopping

man in suitSuits will always make you stand out from a crowd of people dressed in casual clothing, but what if you need to stand out among a crowd of suits?  Now that is a real challenge.  The key is a high quality tailored suit.  This suit will fit you perfectly, making it the key to standing out and looking like a true man.

So, if you want a tailored suit, how do you go about obtaining one?  These simple steps should help.

  1. Find your tailor.  Now, this may sound simple, but it is very important.  You want a reputable, talented tailor.  If you can, find one who specializes in tailored suits.  This can be quite a challenge, especially if you live in a rural area.  If you aren’t sure about the tailor, ask around.
  2. Pick a cloth.   This is one of the most important steps in the process.  You need to pick something that is going to look great, but won’t break the bank.  The grades run from low 80s to high 180s, but anything above 110 should look good.  At the same time, the 180s will absolutely empty your pockets, so be careful.  When in doubt, consult your tailor.  They will definitely have advice on the subject.
  3. Measure.  This is mainly up to the tailor, but he will ask you many things.  He wants to know how you want the suit to fit, especially the shoulders, the length of the arms, how the legs fall on your shoes, and where the waist sits.  This will make life easier once you actually get the suit because it will require minimal adjustment.  Otherwise, though, the tailor will do all the work. You can just sit back and be measured.
  4. Pick a style.  This is simple.  What do you like?  This is where you pick the vents, the number of buttons, the shoulder padding, all of that good stuff.  In this case, I would consult a good fashion guide.  When in doubt, though, consult the tailor.  They know more than you.
  5. Go for the final adjustments.  This will be the last time you try on the suit.  It is best that you ask for any adjustments you want, because you are trying to make this suit perfect for you.  In other words, don’t hesitate.  Also, you should take time to enjoy how that suit looks in the mirror.  You look darn good, my friend.  Darn good.

This suit is literally going to make you the greatest looking guy in the room.  Everyone else may be in a suit, but you are now clad in a suit of awesome.   So wear that suit and be proud.

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