How to Wrap a Gift Card

by Louise | February 21st, 2008 | Women's Fashion

Gifts cards. I remember that, in the past, I used to frown on the giving of gift cards. I thought that such a gift showed lack of thought. I’ve come to realize now that I was wrong.

Giving gift cards should be an art form. It’s all in the presentation. What gives a card its worth is not the amount you put on it (although that can always help), but the way you give it. Do you need some ideas?

First of all, you can’t go wrong with the classic box in a box trick. Don’t know it? Try wrapping your card in a small , such as a duck and cover box.  Find a slightly bigger box to put around that. Find a slightly bigger box to wrap around that, etc. Want to put a twist on this classic? Don’t put the card inside the smallest box. You could try inserting a clever riddle that leads to the card, or you could simply hand the card to the recipient after a few seconds of enjoying his or her reaction.

Another way to give the card is in a hidden form. My friend is a sports fanatic. For her birthday, I bought her a packet of gum and a gift card. I slid the gift card (which was to a nearby sports store) into the packet. She only discovered it when we decided that it was time for a piece.

Using wrapping paper you can also amuse your friend by giving him or her a (nearly) empty gift. You can use paper goods or cardboard to wrap your wrapping paper around an “invisible” gift. The shape of your wrapping could hint at what you think your friend might plan to buy.

Gift cards are the new, thoughtful way to share gifts and laughs with a friend.

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