Girl’s Bathing Suits

by T Akery | April 13th, 2012 | Kids' Shopping

Summer is coming, and with it comes fun in the sun and water. That means that a girl’s bathing suit is a necessity. Picking the right type of a bathing suit for girls is just as hard as picking out one for yourself. You have to make sure it covers the bases, has enough flexibility to keep up with your child, and is still stylish enough for multiple wearings.

The biggest question that usually pops up when it comes to girl’s bathing suits is – one piece or two piece? This is tricky to answer. The real answer is all about the actual fit of the suits. Even the one piece suits can have problems in the bottom area and in the top area if they aren’t sized right. This usually happens in suits that are large. So, the number one criteria for a bathing suit is whether it fits or not. This means that you have to take your child with you to try on bathing suits.

The major problem with the one piece suit is determining whether it works on both the top and the bottom. When looking at one pieces, look at the top part to make sure the straps aren’t too long and don’t sag too low. If this is a problem, then you might have to go down a size. The bottom can also be a potential problem. Look for gaping around the legs and make sure the openings are tight. Again, you may have to go down a size if this is an issue.

For two pieces, the main problem is the top staying in place and ensuring it covers what it needs to cover when tied. Be careful of tie strings. Avoid bathing suits that have only one means of support for girls. You may also have to mix and match tops with bottoms since girls can be a different size on top than on the bottom. Try on both pieces to ensure they fit.

The girl’s bathing suit is probably one of the hardest things to shop for. You absolutely have to ensure that they fit before your purchase one. Many bathing suits are non-refundable, so be very careful to pick out the right one before you buy.

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