Go Back to School in Style

by Anna P. | June 28th, 2011 | Fashion, Kids' Shopping

In about two months, children and teens will go back to hitting the books. Even though your kids are probably less than thrilled about going back to school, it’s never to early to think about shopping for school uniforms and fashion.

Read this small list to help prepare your family for stylish start to a new year!

1- Check Your School’s Dress Code

Back in the day, school uniforms used to be strictly for children that were in private or parochial schools, but these days, many public school children can be found wearing red polos and khaki shorts.  Does your school have uniform rules? Check with them first before you start shopping. If your child’s school doesn’t have a uniform policy, be sure to check their dress code rules.

2- Buy Comfortable Shoes

Most schools require the students to wear simple black loafers or dress shoes with a closed toe. Once again, it’s a good idea to consult the uniform or dress code prior to buying the footwear.  If you can, you might try buying two pairs just in case your child should wear out or lose a pair.

3- Keep Clothes Casual

If your child isn’t required to wear uniforms, you may wonder what clothes and accessories  would be appropriate for school. Remember that causal is the way to go, especially for kids who like to move around a lot. You can’t go wrong with several pairs of jeans and a few cotton tops/tees/tanks. If you have a daughter, you can buy her a few skirts or dresses too. When you’re shopping for clothes, be sure to look for items made of  simple cotton and/or polyester. Save the dressier looking pieces for weekends or special occasions.

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