Good Online Venues- Part 2

by B Kenney | December 9th, 2008 | Home Shopping

Early in November I provided a small list of excellent online shopping venues but promised more. As the holiday season grows closer, it’s time to start picking up those last few items on everyone’s holiday wish list The hardest part about gift shopping sometimes is learning where you can get specific items. So in order to help, and without further ado, here is a continuation of the great online venue list and what each venue has to offer.

The first on the list is somewhat like a venue I mentioned earlier (Amazon). However, this one searches shops and venues internationally and locally. Shopping.comShopping.com will allow you to search through a large database of items and will in turn provide you with a list of closely matched products related to your search. It also will display the separate venues that sell the item and price match each competitor’s listed retail price. This ensures that every user gets the best deal possible. Shopping.com has no specific foray of items, therefore you can find any type of product from electronics to clothing and accessories. The user interface is fantastic, and everything is laid out nicely. Even the most lacking of internet users will find it completely navigable.

Overstock.comOverstock.com is another brilliant site that derives its roots from a collection of Amazon-type product search engines. The difference, however, is that Overstock actually is a company that carries the products, whereas Amazon and Shopping.com refer users to other venues. Once again Overstock is a company that carries a wide range of products and items; users can find nearly any type of object imaginable. For the holiday season Overstock is even offering $1 shipping site-wide for any qualifying product that is purchased. The user interface is simple and is designed elegantly with a classy look and feel.

BizRate.comBizRate.com is a little different than the rest mentioned here.  On one hand it searches a database of products and items just like Amazon while offering the same type of price comparisons, but on the other hand it also offers full product reviews. The reviews are excellent, informative, colorful and in many cases they help you ultimately make a decision. Not only can you find the best prices around for what you want to purchase, but you can decide before laying your money down if you want to go with a different model or perhaps a different brand based on the item ratings and reviews. The user interface here is a little more complex than the other sites mentioned, but not so much that it borders scary. It still works and runs efficiently.

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