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by B Kenney | November 4th, 2008 | Money Saving Hints

Sometimes while using your preferred search engine to browse online stores it generates plenty of various places to shop. Other times however, like when shopping for something specific, the search engines or browsing sites don’t give a really good list of online venues. Even when it does, it’s not always easy to determine which stores would have the best selection of products. So where can you turn to, and what sites will give you a great shopping experience? Worry no more, here is the beginning of a small list of great online shops that provide a very specific, or broad, array of shopping material.

Amazon, if you haven’t already heard of it, is a great place to start your shopping. The entire site is very user friendly and offers a great experience and provides a very simple way to browse products in a number of different categories. Amazon collects information from online venues listed in its database and compares prices and specifications on products and similar items. Instead of having to do an extensive amount of research to find who sells the product for the cheapest price, Amazon displays it right across your browser screen in an easy to read format. They sell everything from electronics, clothing, accessories, housewares, and much, much more.

Newegg.com and Tigerdirect.com are both competitors but sell pretty much the same thing. Electronics are their specialty, but specifically they sell computer hardware and machines at wholesale prices. If you are ever in the market to pick up a new computer, need to upgrade some parts to make it faster, or even want to browse for the latest electronic gadgets, either one of these sites can provide a great experience. The websites are very simple and user friendly, and browsing categories and searching for specific products are as easy as a few clicks.

Gojane.com is a great website for cheap but fashionable women’s clothing. They offer many styles and many different clothing items as well as a fair amount of accessories to compliment new outfits. They even have a neat style gone wild section to show different budding fashions. The website is simple to use and provides a great product browsing experience for women of all ages.

Stay tuned, and we’ll provide a few other great additions to this list in the future.

  1. Kim says:

    I love Amazon and do most of my shopping there every christmas. I will have to check out tigerdirect.

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