Grocery Bags that are Friends to the Environment

by Patti | April 9th, 2009 | Shopping Secrets

With all the talk about going green and protecting the environment, do you really know if the grocery bag you are using on a regular basis would receive a nod of approval from the environment?

What you should look for is a bag that is deemed environmentally friendly, as well as one that is reusable and is a large enough to carry all of your purchases. It is also good if you can find one that is sturdy and preferably washable.

This sounds like a lot to expect from a bag but is it really asking that much? Read on to learn more …
What to Look For in an Eco-friendly Grocery Bag

  • Eco friendly grocery bags will be carrying everything from produce to meat  to pet food (if you have pets), so it is important that you choose wisely.
  • Choose a grocery bag that is fully biodegradable. What this means is that it passed international standards and will decompose completely in a period of six months or less.
  • Look for a grocery bag that is made from a natural fiber, such as hemp and jute.
  • Buy an eco-friendly grocery bag that is sturdy. There may be days that you have to buy heavier things at the grocery store than on other days!
  • The more you can reuse the bag the better it is for the environment and for your wallet. A bag that is well made should last you anywhere from two to three years if it is used under normal circumstances.
  • Most eco-friendly grocery bags are larger than the regular plastic grocery bags, which means that they will fit more groceries. Instead of carrying four to six plastic bags of groceries you might very well get all of your groceries packed into two eco-bags.
  • Think of it like this, the fewer bags you have to carry the less energy is then needed to make the bags, and the less energy is required for them to biodegrade. This is definitely something for the environment to smile about!
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