Grocery Therapy

by Jaclyn Abergas | February 3rd, 2009 | Shopping Secrets

bagWhen I use shopping as therapy, I don’t go to the nearest shoe store or clothing store. I go to the nearest grocery store. Sometimes that can be the most dangerous thing, but I’m lucky. I always seem to feel down when I need to do my grocery shopping.

There’s something comforting about shopping for groceries. It makes me feel like possibilities are endless. Take for example, when I go to the frozen meat section and I see some chicken. I peer inside, and I find chicken legs, drumsticks, wings, breasts, the whole chicken. My eyes light up, and my mind immediately starts racing. There are so many recipes I can cook with this! I can simply fry or broil or steam or grill it. Or I can soak it in some marinade and bake it. Or I can cook it in different sauces with different vegetables. The possibilities are endless.

I go to the frozen dairy section, and I see all the ice cream cups, pints and gallons staring at me. Then I remember the dozens of movies I’ve got lined up, waiting to be watched. Then I remember, I can invite friends over for a movies and ice cream party.

I go to the beauty aisle, and I remember I needed to dye my hair and pamper my feet. I also needed to buy some shampoo and other feminine stuff. I get to the breakfast aisle, and I remember the breakfast date I’ll be having with my best friend during the weekend.

As I leave the grocery, with my purchases in hand, I smile to myself and wonder why I feel so low. A trip to the grocery reminds me I’ve got so many things going for me. Why should I feel so sad when there are so many things I have to do?

What about you? When you’re feeling low and you need to shop, where do you go?

  1. redkathy says:

    I hate regular grocery shopping. When I can afford to shop the local Italian market, well that’s therapy! Reminds me of home and family gathering when I was a child. Oh do I love those balls of sharp provolone!

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