Hair and Makeup: Fall 2013 Trends

by R. Carnavale | October 4th, 2013 | Women's Beauty, Women's Fashion

dark lipstickIf you caught the pics of Natalie Portman and Sara Jessica Parker at the recent New York City Ballet Gala, you couldn’t help but miss their nude-look makeup that minimized their eyes, cheeks, and lips in order to highlight their beautiful outfits. Hair is ladylike, elegant, and 1940s retro. This fall’s hair makeup trends aren’t bold or pricey, instead they’re toned-down, wearable everywhere, and pocketbook-friendly. Even if you’re still a star in the making, you can look just like your favorite actress if you follow these trends and tips, created for a working girl’s budget:


Think 1940s, Grace Kelly elegance, and tightly-coiled hair rolls. Braids are in and you can leave them slightly undone for an edgier look or you can opt to let your down in an elegant wave reminiscent of Catherine Deneuve.


Fall 2013 makeup styles feature eye-shadow colors in pumpkin and prune colors, midnight blue, neutrals, earth tones, and shadows with a hint of glitter (midnight blue with gold glitter).

This fall’s eyeliners are about color, shape, fun, and flirty or about skipping liner altogether.

Think 1960s Julie Newmar’s Catwoman. Cover Girl makeup artist Pat McGrath suggests using layered liquid and pencil liners to create a dramatic winged-shape cat eyes and then dot below the lash line to give it some edge.

Almond-shaped eyes are in and you can create the popular smoky eyed look in black and raspberry or charcoal and emerald green by using a downward motion to blend shadow through the lower lash line.


Nude lips are trending, but if you can’t live without color, super bright lips in high voltage candy pink or bubble gum pink, red, black cherry and wine are in and so are the ultra-matte and wet glossy looks.

Skin and Brows

It’s the fresh and dewy look this fall with skin-colored foundation and little to no blusher to create the illusion of healthy, rosy cheeks. Eyebrows are groomed to create a natural look such that the brows are on the thick side.


Black is still in vogue but the newest color trends feature dark colors like oxblood reds, midnight blues, amethysts and the darkest shades of green. This season’s trending subtle glitter nails are created by applying a base coat in nude or clear and then finishing with a topcoat that has a touch of glitter like Essie Set in Stones. You can create this season’s popular speckled look by first applying various colors in small dots, starting with the darkest shade. Then swirl the applied polish with a thin paintbrush finish with a layer of topcoat.

(Photo courtesy of Gesine Kuhlmann)

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