Handmade Accessories on Etsy

by Lori Sciame | October 25th, 2012 | Accessories, Women's Fashion

There’s a place where a discerning woman can find the best in handmade fashion accessories.  This online store offers everything from chic belts to glam hair ties to cozy scarves – all while helping the world’s economy.  Self described as “the world’s handmade marketplace,” Etsy provides small business owners an avenue to sell their goods, including a plethora of unique accessories.

What is Etsy?

On their website, Etsy outlines their business philosophy.  The company “…celebrates individual creativity in design and craftsmanship by connecting unique people, stories and items in a playful and meaningful way. Etsy provides a marketplace for crafters, artists and collectors to sell their handmade creations, vintage goods and crafting supplies.”

Why Shop Etsy?

Reasons abound to shop for accessories on Etsy.  First, small business owners produce the goods for sale. In essence, whenever a woman makes a purchase, she helps another person become successful.  Next, shopping Etsy allows a woman to find unique items at reasonable prices.  Finally, Etsy allows for individuality.  The good news about Etsy accessories is that it is highly unlikely that another woman in the same office will have the same belt or earrings.

Current Products

In the accessory section on Etsy, dozens of creative choices entice buyers.  Some of the more unique items include: a Little Mermaid starfish hair clip, black bow shoe clips, adult size owl mittens, neon bright headbands, fingerless cotton gloves, funky latex leg stockings, imitation dreds, and a beaded glasses chain.

For those not as adventurous, the site features tamer options, including scarves, wedding headpieces, phone cases, watches, and keychains.

Etsy Gift Card

Etsy also provides a great gift card option. Available in denominations of $25, $50, $100, and $250, the cards can be customized. And purchase one before November 14, 2012 to be entered in a drawing for a $250 gift card.

Etsy – A Growing Company

Etsy seems to be prospering as a supplier of quality merchandise.  As listed on the company website, “$76.8 million of goods (after refunds and cancellations) were sold by our community in September, 0.8% higher than August’s $76.2 million.”  The lesson?  If a woman finds an item she loves, she can be assured her money will be well spent, and that if not completely satisfied, refunds can be obtained.

Accessories Galore

Fashion conscious women love accessorizing.  Thank goodness Etsy provides one more way to locate accessories that amp up the style of any outfit.  From classy belts to precious floral hair accents, Etsy has it all. To give the company a try, follow this link.



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