Hats and Hairstyles

by Sam P. | November 12th, 2013 | Casual Tops, Current Trends

winter hats glovesMy current obsession is hats.  A few years ago, when my hair was much shorter, I was obsessed with fedoras.  I absolutely loved them and wore them whenever I could.  Back then they worked on me because my hair was so short.  Now, not so much.  But lately I’ve been loving beanies.  Snow hats are another one of my favorites.  I don’t know why I am so obsessed with them currently, but I do know that they are wicked versatile and so cute.

There are three ways that I love wearing them.  I mean you can wear them almost any way, but there are my three favorites.

The first is with big loose curls.  Often times I don’t wash my hair everyday, it is healthier for it and second day hair hold curls much better, at least for me.  The trick to being able to do this is not using much heat on your hair.  This causes it to be healthier and not as dry.  Since it isn’t as dry you don’t have to condition everyday.  Now, I know I’m sounding contradictory by saying I like big curls but don’t use heat, keep in mind my hair is naturally pin straight, but there’s ways to do this.  My favorite way is with sock or rag curls.  You take your hair and divide it into fur or five sections (two in the back, one on each side, and one for side bangs).  You then take old, thick, clean socks or rags and wrap each section of hair around them starting from the bottom and rolling your way up.  Sleep in them overnight and in the morning you have very loose curls with lots of body.  The curls will stay better if you use second day hair.  I tend to give them a teensy squirt of hairspray before and after I take them out as well.  After you take them out shake your hair around and place your beanie on top of your head.  If necessary, place in a few pins to keep it in place.

Another way I love to wear knit hats is with a side braid.  I actually often put my hair into a side braid since its easy and quick and it holds my hair well.  Just start at one ear and French braid your hair all the way across to your other ear, or just before it.  Then braid the rest of the way down the length of your hair.  If you don’t know how to French braid, its very simple.  Just braid as you regularly would but add in a section of hair to each chunk every time you braid.  I like to leave a few wispy pieces out around my face to frame it.  A lot of times I curl them for an extra girly touch.  Finally just pull your beanie on and pin if necessary.

Lastly, I like fish tail braids.  This only works on longer hair though.  Gather all your hair at the nape of your neck and split into two sections.  Take a half inch to one inch section from one side and cross to the other and then do the same to the other side.  Keep doing this all the way down your hair.  I like to keep it loose in the front or leave a few pieces out to frame my face.  Again just plop on your knit hat and you’re ready to go!

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