Heels Every Woman Needs

by Anna P. | August 9th, 2013 | Shoes, Women's Fashion

shoeA fashionista can never have too many pairs of shoes. Most women know the value of a good pair of heels and what those shoes can do. Whether the pair is classic like pointy-toe pumps or a pair of sexy strappy sandals, the style possibilities are endless. Here are three pairs of heels every woman should own, and how they elevate her style.

1- Pointy-toed Pumps

Make a stylish point with a chic pair of pointy-toed pumps. These edgy shoes make the wearer appear taller. These shoes look great with all types of denim, dress pants, suits, skirts, and dresses. You can easily dress up or down these shoes with the right garments and accessories. Opt for simpler styles in black, dark green, navy blue, or deep brown. These shoes will look terrific with all kinds of colors in your wardrobe. If you live in pointy-toed pumps, feel free to stock up on several different pairs in bold colors or prints.

2- Strappy Sandals

If you need the perfect heel for evening events or parties, the elegant strappy sandal is the perfect option. You can look for a pair in either brights or metallics to really shine. If you want to make a bigger style impact, you should opt for a pair with at least a three inch heel. This not only adds extra height, it also glams up your entire look. The best styles are often embellished with small jewels or sequins, so feel free to find a pair that really “speaks” to your sense of style.

3- Platform Heels

If you want extra height, or you just like the solid comfort a pair of platform heels offers, this style is a must have. Keep it simple with a pair of platform sandals or pumps in a neutral color like sand or brown. You’ll find that like most pairs of heels, platforms go great with everything including cocktail dresses, denim skirts, and sundresses. Amp up your personal style by pairing solid black platforms with skinny jeans and a lace trimmed tank top for a casual look. For evening, you could wear the same pair of shoes with a sequin covered little black dress.

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