High Rise Shorts

by Sam P. | April 30th, 2013 | Casual Tops, Teen Fashion

shortsI love high rise shorts.  They really look great on everybody.  It doesn’t matter if you have a perfect hour glass figure or no curves at all, they look fantastic.  The 80’s are back; it’s official!

The best thing about high rise shorts is that even if you are like me and have a more masculine body figure and not as many curves, it creates curves.  Having the shorts hit so high up on your waist gives the illusion of a tiny waist.  It doesn’t matter if its that your waist doesn’t go in, or your hips don’t go out. These shorts give the optical illusion that this does happen.

They are also making these shorts in all different materials.  I recently just bought a pair in a spandexy material that hugs everything in all the right places.  If that doesn’t appeal to you, they also come in the regular jean material, silk, whatever you can think of.  At the store the other day I saw a pair that were white lace with a black spandex waist band.  I nearly died. Unfortunately they did not carry them in my size.

They other great thing about these shorts is that you can be unique in them. They come in such an array of colors, as well as materials.  My spandexy pair is white with a gray and black floral pattern, but my jean ones are bright pink.  There are so many options to choose from, it’s mind boggling!

Plus you can wear them with so many other things!  Pair with a crop top that comes down to the bottom of you rib cage and show off a little sliver of skin.  Or you can wear it with a bandeau and a sheer sweater, a look that would usually be a little risque, but when you wear with high rise shorts, you aren’t showing off that much skin!

That’s the other thing about them.  They may be the shortest shorts you have, but since they come up so high, it balances out the amount of skin shown.  Since they come up high you can take the opportunity to wear them shorter than you usually would.  Add in the fact that the come up higher and your legs look miles long.  This happens because you are showing so much of your leg, but since the waist comes up higher, your legs look like they start higher up.  The creates the optical illusion of legs longer than Mt. Everest.

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