Holiday Gift-Giving Guide

by Jaclyn Abergas | December 3rd, 2009 | Women's Fashion

ChristmasIt’s the Christmas holidays in less than a month. Have you bought gifts for the people in your life? I haven’t finished my shopping. It’s hard to find the perfect ones at the right price.

But sometimes, it’s not about finding the perfect gift but knowing the most inappropriate gift you can give to someone. Here are some ideas to avoid completely. Just a note, some of the ideas here may involve knowing more about a person than on a superficial level.

1. Gift Cards

Gift cards only work if the recipient asked for it specifically. And only then, it works if you know the recipient goes to that shop or restaurant or café a lot. You’d be better off just giving them the cash.

2. Holiday Clothes

Under no circumstances should you give anyone clothes (that includes shirts, pants, socks, hats) that bear any icon, drawing, logo depicting the holidays. The only people who’ll really be able to appreciate this, in my opinion, are your grandparents.

3. Jewelry/Music Boxes

This gift would have been fine if it were in a unique and special design. But if it comes in that stained glass design with the spinning ballerina inside, please do us all a favor and refrain from buying it. There are a lot of more beautiful and unique designs to hold a person’s jewelry. Try to do more research on that.

4. Stuff You Found Cute

Let’s face it. Just because you found it cute, doesn’t automatically mean that other people will also find it cute. Oh, and buying stuff you want for yourself and giving it to others doesn’t count either. You’ll just end up spending more than is necessary.

5. Recycled Gifts

Please DO NOT, under any circumstances, recycle your gifts. If you really hate it that much, consider donating it. Why not just give it off as gifts, you say? Because, believe me, the news always will go back to the original giver who will find out that you tried to give the gift as your gift to someone else. It may not be the next year, it may not be the next year after that, but it will go back.

Of course, some people do appreciate these gifts. And they would be very grateful to you for giving them these gifts but that doesn’t happen often. It’s always best to get to know the recipient a little more and exert a little more effort into finding the perfect gift for them. As they say, it’s the thought that counts, and the fact that you care enough to take the extra step and find something meaningful for them means a lot.

So, what are the worst gifts you’ve ever received? Let’s talk about it!

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