Holiday Gift Ideas for a Female Teen

by Sam P. | December 8th, 2015 | Essentials, Teen Fashion

teen christmas gift (400x400)Christmas is here and it is a jolly time of the year. The only difficult thing about Christmas is the gift giving, specifically for your older teens. Sure, you could ask them what they want, but then they know what they’re getting and to be honest, the anticipation and the surprise is half the present. Being an older teen (almost 18!) I think I can give a few helpful hints for your gift giving extravaganza. A lot of gift giving does come down to your price point, so that is how it will be categorized.

If you are looking for a relatively cheap and easy present, beauty supplies are a great go to. A great idea is to make a “kit” of necessities. Nails, hair, skin, there are several options. If you do a nail kit I would suggest two to three nail polishes, remover, a file, and one “splurge” item, lotion or cuticle oil is great for this. A nice hair kit would be a brush or comb, a deep conditioning treatment (or coconut oil), dry shampoo, and some sort of spray, texturizing and volumizing are both great. A skin kit is a simple one, as well, if you know their skin type. An exfoliant works great for everyone, as does Chap Stick. If you want to get a face wash or cleanser be sure it works with their skin type. If you don’t know their skin type always go with a sensitive or combination solution. The same goes for face masks and face lotion. I would shy away from buying foundations or concealers, but lipstick and eye products like mascara are also great ideas.

For something in the middle of the road clothes are a great idea. If you know their fashion sense and their size an article or two or clothing is always a great idea. If you feel as though you don’t know what to get or what size they are either given a gift receipt or just get a gift card. Shoes are also great gifts if you know their size and style. The same rules apply to shoes, as well.

For a splurge item you can get a bit more creative. If your teen is eighteen or nearly eighteen a certificate for them to get a massage is a wonderful gift. You could even make it into a girl’s day for them and go out together and get massages or your nails done. I can just about guarantee that any teen would appreciate a massage in the midst of the school year with all the stress being put on them. Jewelry is also a good splurge, if your teen wears it. Another fantastic idea is to pay for a piercing they want (within reason, of course).

Worst case scenario a gift card always works, but you then fall into the category of it feeling not so personal. A great trick is talking to one of their best friends, if you can, and finding out if there is anything your teen has been mentioning wanting.

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