Holiday Makeup Tips to Make You Sparkle

by R. Carnavale | December 31st, 2015 | Women's Beauty, Women's Fashion

makeupIt’s the holiday season and you’ll want to look your very best at all of the social events you’ll be attending. In addition to your hair and outfit, your makeup will make the difference between your looking glam and young vs drab and old. What brand, colors and techniques should you use? What’s trending in makeup now? How can you look your best no matter how old you are? Here are some suggestions to help your makeup enhance your look this holiday season:


If you’re 40 or younger: Your lips are are their fullest, so you can wear dark colors like wine, brick and berry and matte finishes. Try NYX Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in Alabama ($6).

If you’re over 40: Your lips are starting to lose  some of their volume and are probably a bit dry, so wear pink or red glosses and lip laquers to create a sheen and full lip look. Try Rimmel’s lip lacquer ($6)  or Bite Beauty Luminous Creme Lipstick.


If you’re 40 or younger: Wear deep colors like pewter or bronze from lash line to crease. The UK’s Boots No7 Stay Perfect Smoothing Eye Shadow ($8), which is available at Target is a kicky brand to try. Be sure to wear mascara to define your eyelashes.

If you’re over 40: Jewel-toned colors like pearl, gold, platinum, emerald and sapphire will brighten your eyes and make them look younger. Maybelline’s New York Color Tattoo 24Hr Metal Cream Gel Shadow ($7) is good pick. Also, no heavy eyeliner and don’t rim the inside of your lower lash line unless you want to date yourself.


If you’re 40 and younger: Wear pressed powder like bareMinerals ($27 at Sephora) to create a smooth, matte finish.

If you’re over 40: Remember not to apply foundation too thickly or else you’ll look dated. Instead, apply cream foundation sparingly over primer and use a cream blusher instead of one with a matte finish. Try Revlon Nearly Naked foundation ($10).


If you’re 40 and under: You can wear bright, bold colors to show off your youthful nails. Try Mariah Carey Holiday by OPI in Cute Little Vixen ($9).

If you’re over 40: Avoid red nail polish, fake nails or dragon lady nails. Instead, opt for squoval-shaped nails with light polish to elongate your fingernails. Sheer pink or beige work well with very short fingernails and if your nails are longer, you can wear light pastels. As for your toenails, break all the rules and go wild.

(Photo courtesy of Sanja Gjenero)

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