Holiday Wine Shopping Tips

by Gumer Liston | December 24th, 2009 | Money Saving Hints

chenin blancWine is part of the holidays, it gives the celebration that extra lift. Imagine a Christmas Eve dinner without a bottle of wine or two; those who love wine know how it would feel. I guess that those who love wine already have socked away some bottles (or some cases) weeks ago. But in case you haven’t bought your wine yet, here are some tips that may help you pick the best wines for the holidays.

The goodness of the taste of wine is not really proportional to its price. Seasoned wine buyers know this. I am not a seasoned wine buyer because I only buy wine when there are celebrations, but when I am in the wine section of the local grocery store or wine shop, I spend quite some time inspecting wine bottles, reading the labels and neverminding the price tag first.  You can find wines under $15 that would be great for a bowl of punch or on their own if you take your time in choosing.

It is also good to plan what kind of wine to buy and how much to have before shopping for it. Of course, the kind of wine to buy is dictated by what you have in mind– would it be served with dinner or for a party of more than 10 people? If you plan to serve beef and pasta and the like, you should narrow your search to red wine; if you’ll have fish or chicken search for white wine. In this way your confusion will be lessened when you are already in the store facing many different kinds of wines. It is also good to know that wine and food from the same region go well together.

If you regularly buy wine, you have probably noticed that more and more good wines are now sealed with screw caps and no longer with cork. This is to prevent “corkiness,” that kind of after-taste in some wines that use cork as cap. It is wise to choose wines with screw caps especially if you plan to have many bottles for a large party; screw capped wine bottles are easier to open.

The region that produced the wine also can be your guide in choosing. Wines coming from Spain, France, Italy, Australia, Argentina, Northern California, and Chile are a few of the best regions.

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