Home Shopping Lessons from HGTV

by Lori Sciame | June 13th, 2011 | Home Shopping

I’ll admit it…I’m addicted to HGTV (Home and Garden Television). From House Hunters International to Color Splash, I’m mesmerized by the unique homes available across the globe, as well as the designers themselves. When I’m tuned in, one minute I can be exploring homes in Hawaii, and the next I can be learning how color can jump start a room.

This obsession with HGTV has taught me a lot of useful information. No, I’ll probably never own a home in the south of France, and I’m sure I’ll never become an interior designer, yet I feel more confident in the choices I make for my own home – a 1,700 square foot cottage in the Midwest.

Listed below are just a few of the things I’ve learned from HGTV:

Accessories Rule

In show after show, I’ve noticed that accessories are a must in any room. Of course, the amount of accessories you have in your own home depends on personal taste. Some people are comfortable with oodles of knick-knacks, pillows, blankets, prints, vases, photographs, etc., while others prefer a more Spartan style; however, every room in a home benefits from adornment.

When looking for accessories, remember, you don’t have to be a millionaire to purchase these items. In all honesty, I have taken advantage of Dollar General for many of my home accessory purchases. I’ve found vases with a worldly feel, woven baskets for clever storage, and kitchen rugs with unique textures. A bonus is that many times Dollar General has coupons for these types of items. My latest purchase was a welcome mat for my screened-in porch; it cost $1.50 after the percent off coupon! (Sign up with Dollar General to receive these money saving emails).

Other places to obtain accessories that you will love include: consignment shops, garage sales, estate sales, and vacation destinations. Don’t forget to display much loved collections, as well as pieces of art work to create a welcoming feel as well.

Thread Count Matters

Since you spend much of your life sleeping, why not do so in comfort? I’ve learned both from HGTV and from personal experience that thread count really does make a difference when it comes to sheet sets. This was confirmed a few years ago when I received sheets with a low thread count as a gift. Ouch! I know I’m getting older, but the sheets actually felt scratchy on my face. So, buy sheets with the highest number that you can afford for optimal comfort.

Choose Colors You Like

One interesting aspect concerning color on HGTV is that I have heard white called “clean” by one designer, while it is “boring” to another designer. The same goes for red. One person called it “rich,” but a different host hinted the same shade felt unsettling. My point? Choose colors for your home that please you. As with accessories, everyone has a different view of what colors to use in homes; therefore, make sure to pick ones you love!

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