Home Sweet Home!

by Joe Lawrence | February 10th, 2009 | Home Shopping

Do you love to shop but hate the crowds?  Have you ever wished you could have the whole store to yourself?  You can.  Shop online, and you can feel like an A list celebrity.

Last week, P. Illsley talked about shopping from the television.  The tips given at the end were awesome and ones that everyone needs to adopt for online shopping, too.  I am going to go a different direction and talk about the convenience factor.

online shoppingMy wife and I buy lots of stuff online:  all of our bedroom furniture, office furniture, clothes, home decor, pet meds, books, etc.  I am an online shopping ambassador for three reasons: I hate crowds, it is convenient, and I get instant price comparison.

Who likes to fight your way through the aisle and patiently be polite as you want the person standing in your way to move his butt?  Instead, he needs to finish a phone conversation about what is for dinner a month from now.  Then, you are blessed with the opportunity to stand in line for five minutes to give your money.  Still haven’t figured that one out.  Online shopping has no line.  Your only wait has to do with how fast your computer connects to the web.

I love the convenience of online shopping.  Not only can you see stuff that stores don’t carry, you don’t even have to change out of your lounge around clothes.  When my wife bought our bedroom set, delivery men brought it to my home and then put it all together.  All we had to do was give a credit card number.  That is convenient.  Not to mention you are saving the environment by not driving all around town.

Lastly, there is a comparison shopping advantage to online purchasing.  All smart shoppers compare the prices on big ticket items.  Some go to different cities looking for the best price or a specific option. The Internet is the reigning champion of side by side shopping.  You are able to see the same product sold by ten different stores and get the best deal.

They say, choosy moms choose Jif.  I say, forget the silly slogans and do your shopping online.

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