Homecoming Accessories

by Lori Sciame | September 12th, 2012 | Accessories, Women's Fashion

High school students went back to school this month, which means one thing – it’s almost time for homecoming!  Having a date is not mandatory, as unlike the old days, girls (and guys) can attend the festivities with groups of friends instead. As you prepare yourself (or your daughter) for the homecoming dance, you need to know the hottest accessories this fall.  Read on to learn about what fabulous accessories will enhance any outfit.

First, accessories of all kinds can be worn with a homecoming outfit: barrettes, headbands, hair pins, tiaras, bangles, necklaces, gloves, earrings, rings, ear cuffs…the list seems endless.  Basically, all you need to remember is two things – that whatever accessory you like, there’s probably a homecoming edition of it for you to purchase, but don’t overdo it by wearing all that is available.

Next, accessories can be glamorous, a bit more reserved, or something in between.  Want to be sweet?  Choose a demur heart necklace.  Want to be retro?  Lace, fingerless gloves will do the trick.  What about being a princess?  A glitzy tiara will certainly draw all eyes to you.  Again, it’s all about what you like and the statement you want to make.

Great stores to visit for your homecoming accessories include Claire’s, Charming Charlie, and Deb.  These businesses offer tons of homecoming glitz at relatively cheap prices.  They showcase silky gloves that reach to the elbow, stunning headbands, beautiful bangles…anything your heart desires.  They even have sassy glitter flower hair clips and bright fingernail polishes.

Another accessory you may want for homecoming – some type of shoulder wrap.  Depending on where you live, temperatures may dip, so you might need to be prepared to have a little something for your shoulders.  Lord & Taylor has a delicious ruffled wrap for $58 from Lauren by Ralph Lauren. This iridescent beauty will provide just the right amount of coverage on the big night. As stated on their website, it’s elegantly chic, and I agree!

Some of you may be planning on attending more than one dance, and you may want to wear the same dress but accessorize it differently.  For instance, my daughter plans to attend not only her own school’s dance, but the dance at the school her boyfriend attends as well.

Because of this, she bought a strapless black dress whose look can be easily changed with the addition of different accessories.  She plans to have a gold statement necklace for one dance paired with coral colored shoes, while for the other dance, she will add a colorful shoulder wrap and metallic shoes.  It will be the same dress, but with smart accessorizing, it won’t be obvious in the photos!

Homecoming is a special time.  Thankfully, stores cater to youth who want to stand out, those who want to accessorize with flair.  No matter where you live, stores across America offer awesome, eye-catching accessories to make every young woman happy. Have a great time at your homecoming dance!


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