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by Jaclyn Abergas | August 18th, 2011 | Home Shopping

When we look for a house or an apartment, we have a specific set of qualities that must be present. Most of the time, we only get some of our must-haves, and we must deal with our “deal breakers.” Or we might have thought we hit the jackpot – until we move in, and start to notice flaws.

But all is not lost! Sometimes we need a little patience and a lot of imagination to make these deal breakers work.

Ugly Carpet

So your new place is literally drowning in carpets? And you’re either allergic to carpet fiber, or your roommate/husband/kid is, or someone has asthma, or you just plain hate it. If you’re buying the place, all you need to do is to rip out the carpet, and replace it with hardwood flooring. If you’re renting, or you can’t afford to rip it out, you can still make it work for you.

First, clean it or have it cleaned. It’s best to work from scratch with a clean carpet. Next, invest in colorful, interesting area rugs. Make sure to get something that you will love looking at everyday! You can also choose a focal point, and decorate it with a similar theme. Maybe pepper the walls with travel-themed frames of your vacation. Anything to keep people’s eyes away from the carpet.

Small Kitchen

I have a kitchen with no counter space, which I don’t like since I love to cook. Fortunately, the kitchen is big enough for me to bring in tables and carts to store all my pots, pans, and small electric appliances, and to also serve as my counter space for cooking prep. But for the unlucky ones with little counter space in a small kitchen, do not fret. There’s still a way to get what you want. This is different for every kitchen because of the layout, but  all can take advantage of a wall and hang anything that has a handle. This includes pots, pans, ladles, – anything that can be hung on a hook. If you want to make it look better, set it against an interesting wall decal. It could be anything, from a poster to a collage photo that you DIY-ed.

As for counter-space, remove bulky items, and place them on top of the fridge or maybe on a corner shelf. If you can’t do that, though, then all you really have is the stove to store things on.

Next, place racks in cabinets to store small items. Also, invest in a lot of hooks, both adhesive and magnetic, so you can hang anything that can be hung and leave more space for the ones that can’t be.

What are other deal breakers, and how did you make it work for you? Share your stories in the comments below.

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