Hot Office Fashion Trends As Worn By Celebrities

by Anna P. | January 16th, 2014 | Office Wear, Women's Fashion

girl office (1280x1280)Looking for new trends to try this season? Look to the stars! Many of your favorite actresses, singers, and models live stylishly. They serve as an inspiration to all fashionista’s and you could learn a thing or two from them. We’ve got three key trends listed below and tips on how you can wear them.

1- Shiny Jackets

Brighten up your cold winter days with a shiny metallic blazer. Model Karlie Kloss recently rocked a silver Tamara Mellon blazer and shiny black leather legging boots. It’s not hard to see how shiny jackets add depth to your wardrobe: these stylish essentials work great with dresses, tee shirts, trendy blouses, jeans, dressy pants, leggings, and more. Karlie showed us how to balance out the jacket with yet another key trend. It’s all about pairing up a bold eye-catching hue with basic black. It’s also about pairing a conservative style jacket with something that’s edgy (the leggings).

2- Floral Pants

You don’t have to wait for spring to add a little bit of vibrant color to your wardrobe. Follow actress Jessica Alba’s route with a pair of chic floral with a tuxedo stripe down the sides. This style is unexpected yet fun. Jessica completed the look with a print top and denim blouse worn as a jacket. You can copy her style or try something different like a white crisp button down blouse over a bright red or pink camisole. You could also warm up your look with a simple pullover knit sweater. Dare to try a little color and you will be amazed.

3- Pork Pie Hat

A hat is just the accessory you need right now for to and from work, and the Pork Pie hat is the one accessory pop/country crooner Taylor Swift showed us how to rock. You can wear this with flirty knee-length dresses and sandals or you can wear this with a colorful tee and leggings combo. A simple porkpie hat in black (or another sensible color) gives you unlimited style options. If you really want to stand out, add a sparkly brooch or two to the base of the hat. This is such a fun accessory you will want to make the most of this season!

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