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by Lori Sciame | January 2nd, 2014 | Office Wear, Women's Fashion

H&M (459x459)I’ve got a great tip for Go Shopping Info readers: visit H & M at the local mall for fantastic finds on chic office wear, accessories, and shoes.

I found this business attire paradise on a recent shopping trip with my teen daughter. Instead of heading to The Loft like I usually do when she wants to visit H & M, I decided to tag along with her to see what the store offered.

Once I made it past the racks of clearance items, I couldn’t believe my eyes – an entire section devoted to office staples.  There were pants, skirts, suit jackets, dressy blouses, sheath dresses, shells, sweaters, and more.

After a quick look at lots of price tags, I realized that nothing costs a lot of money there.  Even cashmere sweaters can be found for around $60.  For a woman who needs a career wardrobe NOW, but who doesn’t have a lot of cash, this store may be the answer.  And for a woman, such as myself, who wants to spruce up her look with a few reasonably priced pieces, the store fits the bill as well.

If you go, check out the large variety offered. For instance, they feature pencil skirts in neutral black.  Pair the skirt with anything from a hi-lo sweater to a vibrantly colored shell and patterned cardigan, and you will look great.  The store also has several styles of sheath dresses that can be worn alone on summer days, but layered with blazers in the winter to extend their usefulness.

Next, explore the accessories area.  I found statement necklaces starting at $6.00, and dressy scarves for $12.00.  You can even find multi-packs of earrings, skinny belts, and felt hats for reasonable prices.

Finally, check out their tempting selection of shoes.  Dressy pumps run from $35 – $40, and they have a vast assortment of cute (and comfortable) ballet flats available for even less.  If you want to amp up your office attire by wearing something a little more trendy on your feet, they do carry booties for $45.

I did find a few drawbacks with this store, however. Clothing seems to run on the small side. For instance, my daughter usually wears a small, but she needed to purchase all mediums. And because I wear a large on top, I had to make sure the style of the shirt ran large. Just make sure to try on any item you plan to purchase.

Another drawback is the overall quality of the clothing.  The materials used may not be as luxurious as one would find at The Loft or at Coldwater Creek, but if one needs to purchase an office wardrobe on a shoestring budget, then items like these will be fine to begin with.

As you can tell, I’m going to accompany my daughter to H & M from now on.  After all, if I can find fun separates for the office at reasonable prices, plus shoes and accessories for a steal, I’d be a fool not to!


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