Hot Trend: Bohemian Luxe

by Anna P. | April 27th, 2012 | Fashion, Women's Fashion

Bohemian is a hot look that’s favored by celebrities like Kate Hudson, Sienna Miller, Vanessa Hudgens, and Rachel Zoe. It’s a fabulous trend that’s easy to emulate and fun to wear; it’s glam and casual all at the same time. You can easily customize this trend to better suit your personal taste by choosing a mix of vintage and new pieces to create dozens of gorgeous looks. Looking for fresh new style ideas? We’ve got four fabulous tips below that you can check out.

1- Embrace Faux Fur

Fur has always been glamorous.  It’s  meant to be worn with everything from vintage tee shirts, to flared jeans, to maxi dresses.  This season, throw a  lightweight jacket over a trendy top and pencil skirt. It’s easy, it’s casual, and it’s super chic.

2- Love Maxi Dresses and Skirts

Longer lengths are sexier than shorter lengths. Dress up your favorite maxi dress with a thin belt and denim jacket for a cool look that’s perfect for the weekends. For the evening, you should opt for a sparkly tank top, long maxi shirt, and sexy sandals.

3-  Embrace Florals

Floral prints are simply fabulous. Amp up your bohemian style quotient by stocking up on floral tops, tees, tanks, and dresses. Wear these pieces with skinny jeans, black dress pants, khakis, a solid colored skirt, or crisp summer shorts.  Add a touch of flare to your look with a cute over sized floppy hat and a scarf.

4- Play with Lots of Jewelry

The bohemian look isn’t really so much about the garments or accessories.  It’s more about how you can wear them, so pile on the jewelry! Layer several necklaces over a top or tee, or decorate your purse or scarf with several pendants. Dress up your favorite pieces with baubles that mean something to you, because style is all about personalization.

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