Hottest Men’s Trends

by Mackenzie M. | May 17th, 2012 | Men's Shopping

This spring and summer fashion season is all about classic men’s fashions. From jeans, to plaid, to Ray-Ban sunglasses, it is definitely an easy summer to be a guy. Well, for fashion at least. Neutral-colored t-shirts can be easily paired with insanely colorful plaid shirts, and skinny jeans can easily be paired with even the most basic pair of flip-flops. As for accessories, classics like Ray-Ban sunglasses and gold watches are simple (although expensive), and will pull together any outfit this season. A quick visit to the website of any major clothing retailer will reveal the clear theme for this season: classic.

Polos, pullovers, and khaki shorts, oh my!  The websites of J. Crew, Vineyard Vines, H&M, and many other retailers of those sorts, show the same thing on every page. The colors are bright, the polo shirts are clean, and the jeans are skinnier than ever. Depending on the desired look, every guy should have at least one pastel, plaid button up, and one well fitting pair of skinny (but not too skinny) jeans. Shorts and t-shirts are still acceptable for some days, but to fit in this season, guys will need to step it up and suck it up, and wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts. For some reason, fashion designers this season have focused solely on color and design, rather than function.

The only item that I would strictly like to advise men from wearing are the horrific tank tops that seem to have popped up in stores nationwide. From solid colors, to tanks with stripes or other designs, these should only be worn on men who are working out, or who have a strong desire to show off their shoulder muscles. Otherwise, buy a nice t-shirt instead. Also, another faux pas are straw hats. Like something from a 1940’s Cuban clothing catalogue, tropical straw hats are attempting to make a comeback this summer. Although they may be cheap, by all means avoid them if you would like to keep some semblance of a personal fashion sense.

Where to buy these items of the season?  It may not be best to go to expensive retailers like Vineyard Vines and J. Crew. All of these new and popular men’s fashion items can be found at fast fashion stores like H&M – often for three or four times less in price. One positive aspect of this season’s classic styles is that vintage and resale stores will be filled with items that are back in style, and at ridiculously low prices. Always check out local clothing resale shops before heading to the mall. Remember, reusing clothes is also great for the environment.

A simple outfit can be a nice t-shirt or button down, paired with slim fit jeans, and topped off with a nice pair of neutral flip-flops. Otherwise, Sperry’s and other boat shoes add a nice (and classic) summery touch to any outfit. As always, trust your personal fashion instincts to create a perfect outfit this summer.

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