How to Add a Flair of Spring Now

by Sam P. | March 31st, 2015 | Sam's Suggestions, Teen Fashion

teen girls spring clothes (400x400)Despite the groundhog saying spring was just around the corner, New Hampshire got snow on the first two days of spring.  Not enough to really make a difference, but it was still upsetting leaving practice after school and seeing it.  Yes it is pretty, but I have had about five feet too much of it.  There must be some way to get out of this winter drab, and there is!  Adding merely just a pop of color to an outfit will do wonders for your mood.  Start shying away from winter colors, like navy blue, army green, or deep purple.  Instead try swapping them out for a brighter blue, a spring green, or a pale lavender.

You can also wear a springy dress with combat boots and a jacket to keep you warm, but still have a nice essence of spring to you.  Even something as simple as replacing your boots with a pair of light sneakers like Converse can help to put you into a nice springtime mood.

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