How to Add Style to Your Suits

by Anna P. | August 28th, 2014 | Office Wear, Women's Fashion

woman suit (400x400)The suit is a classic staple in the modern woman’s wardrobe. This versatile essential consists of two pieces (a jacket and pants) that can be worn together or separately. Many women appreciate the simple yet stylish look a suit offers, and it’s a classic look for work. Read on for four stylish ways you can make the most out of your suits. Fashion is truly unlimited and these tips will show you just how many ways you can wear the suit and make it look for you.

1- Invest in fun tops and blouses

You can easily add style to any plain or classic pantsuit with a pretty top or blouse. Suits in classic go-with-anything hues such a black, beige, white, or gray will look great with just about any top you wear. That said, it is still a good idea to buy a small variety of tops in different colors and/or prints. Try to avoid tops that look too casual or flashy blouses that look more appropriate for a party. Stylish options include classic oxford button-down blouses, lace camisoles, pintucked shells, and other dressy looks.

2- Wear the blazer and pants separately

You can get a lot of style mileage is you can rock the suit separates in different ways. Try pairing the blazer with a fitted sheath dress or wear it over a blouse and high–waisted pencil skirt. You can also wear the blazer as a warm jacket when the temperature dips. If the blazer is fitted, try cinching the waist with a belt. You have even more exciting style options with the pants. Try wearing the pants with a crisp sweater during fall and a lightweight shell during spring. You could also wear these pants with a wide range of top styles. Try a classic black-and-white horizontal stripe sweater for a preppy look or maybe a colorful tunic style blouse for a creative trendy look.

3- Accessorize well

You already know the power of accessories, now it is time to learn how to make them work with a classic pantsuit. If the blazer has wide lapels, you could attach a few cute pendants for a little sparkle. You could also add a colorful scarf and stylishly wrap it loosely around your neck. You could also add a few pieces of jewelry for a more eye-catching look. Try wearing a pretty cameo necklace for vintage flare or a single-stone pendant necklace for a more modern look. Complete the look with a pair of earrings/and or a bracelet.

4- Own at least one special suit

For every two or three elegant pantsuits you own, try to own at least one special suit like a skirt suit or silk suit. You could also opt for a suit in a special color like red or navy blue. These suits will be a little bit harder to style as the color choices are more limited, but the style possibilities are still there. A fun suit in an unexpected color could also be your go-to choice for special events or parties.


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