How to Amp up an Evening Look

by Lori Sciame | June 25th, 2015 | Evening Wear, Plus-Size Fashion

woman dress (400x400)Looking one’s best has never been easier, as designer’s have finally started to embrace a woman’s assets instead of trying to hide her flaws. This is especially for a special night out. To accomplish this feat, clothing designers have embraced luxurious fabrics and added glitzy touches to help any woman – no matter her size – look AND feel sexy.

Ready to amp up your evening apparel?  Read this post for key tips on how to do so.

Sexy Silk Fabric Entices

Silky fabrics soothe the skin, and the way they shimmer with life will certainly attract attention.  For these two reasons, a silk camisole rules when it comes to evening wear.  This summer, choose a sleeveless camisole in a fun summer color, such as orange sherbert, or one with a floral design.  Pair it with sleek black dress pants and strappy sandals for a show stopping ensemble. (If you don’t love bare arms, throw on a light wrap, but be sure to keep the silk fabric visible!)

Mysterious Brocade Delights

Brocade has made a startling comeback.  This classy fabric instantly adds appeal to any piece of clothing.  Imagine a fit and flare dress made from a jewel tone brocade fabric paired with up to the minute wedges.  Cinch the waist with a slimming belt for even more glamor. Need more proof?  The sultry singer Adele simply adores brocade fabrics. (Click here to see a sample of a brocade fabric).

The Secrets of Slimming Chiffon

Want to instantly look a size smaller?  If yes, add a layer of chiffon to your evening attire.  Designers have long known the allure of chiffon.  Like silk, it caresses the skin while drawing attention from onlookers because of the fascinating way that it moves.  This fabric floats over a plus sized woman’s curves, which helps to keep a few unwanted pounds “secret.”  Favorite colors of the season include lilac and moonbeam chiffon.

Embellishment Equals Inviting

Dresses and tops that have been embellished give off a rich vibe.  Lace, sequins, top stitching, crystals, and the like offer a variety of ways to amp the look of an outfit.  For instance, a plain black shift dress can go from boring to bold with merely the addition of a lace collar.  If you are crafty, don’t hesitate to add your own embellishments to your favorite little black or white dress.  Trust me, your outfit will look completely new with even the most minor embellishments.

Dazzle in Evening Wear

As the above ideas prove, it is easy to spruce up your evening look.  Delicious fabrics, as well as unique embellishments can go a long way with making you look absolutely fabulous.  Which one will you choose?  No matter which one, I guarantee you’ll look AND feel good.

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