How To Be Your Own Stylist Part 2

by Anna P. | November 16th, 2010 | Fashion, Women's Fashion

Welcome to part two of How To Be Your Own Stylist.  Since this is the conclusion of last week’s post, I will share more tips on how to dress well and make fashion fun again–read on!

5- Rediscover Your Favorite Pieces

Remember the closet you just cleaned? Go back and find a few of your absolute favorite pieces. Try them on and take note of what you love about them. Do you love wrap dresses that flatter your figure? Are most of your favorite items in classic neutral shades? Keep these facts in mind when you shop.

6- Browse Before You Go Shopping

Now that you found style inspiration and rediscovered your essential fashion pieces, it is time to browse the stores. With your list of items on hand, browse the web first to see what’s out there and what stores fit your budget.  From there, you can make a wishlist of the items your want (try the store’s website or Kaboodle) so you can go back and make your purchases when you’re ready.

7- Have Fun With Trends

If there is a current trendy you want to try, then by all means try it! Try to steer clear from costly versions and shop mall stores for affordable options. Remember to wear one trend at a time and try not to mix several different trends at once. Your best bet? Pair the trendy item with jeans or a classic blazer.

8- Don’t Wear Anything That Makes You Uncomfortable.

If you wear something that you’re not 100% sure about or that doesn’t fit properly, don’t wear it. Even if the item in question is the most fabulous pair of pumps you’ve ever seen.

9- Learn To Accessorize

Accessories can make or break your look. When in doubt, remember that the less accessories you wear the better off you are. If you’ve got one bold piece of jewelry, you can wear 2 more accessories that much more subtle than the first. And sometimes it takes just one piece to totally transform that look from chic to wow! Let your personal taste and fashion judgment be your guide.

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