How to Dress Up a Casual Outfit

by Sam P. | June 10th, 2014 | Sam's Suggestions

jewels (400x400)I love my typical outfits of jeans and t-shirts, or leggings and tunics, but sometimes they get a little boring.  There are few easy and simple ways to make your everyday outfit and bit nicer.  For this to work you have to make the effort of picking out nicer articles of clothing, this means no pants with stains on them and no shirts with holes in them.  Ripped jeans can work, but only in certain situations if a more punk look is what is trying to be achieved.

There are two simple ways to do this.  The first way is with large chunky jewelry.  Take your favorite nicer outfit, let’s say it is a pair of printed black, gray, and pink leggings with a flowy gray tunic.  Now choose a chunky necklace that matches it and put it on; with the colors of the leggings I would go with a silver necklace with pink stones, beads, or whatever your necklace is embellished with.  Put on a simple silver pair of earring and if wanted either rings or a bracelet.

Another way is to rock your favorite pumps.  Say you’re wearing a pair of light wash jeans, with a ribbed tank and a cute light jacket.  Simply switch out your shoes for a pair of simple heels, pattern or not and color is your decision, just make sure your shoes match the outfit and you’re ready to go.  If you don’t usually wear heels pack a pair of flats in your bag in case your feet start to hurt.

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