How To Find Freebies On The Web

by Anna P. | December 21st, 2009 | Money Saving Hints

laptop (2)Whoever said that there is no such thing as a “Free Lunch” obviously has never been on the Internet! The world wide web is virtually one giant shopping mall that enables you to purchase anything, anywhere, anytime at the click of a mouse. But look more closely, and you will find that the Internet is also one giant freebie portal. Whether it’s free shipping, freebie with purchase, free samples, or a free trial, it’s all yours for the taking.  I will show you how to scour the web for true freebies.

1- Frequent Your Favorite Web sites

Many big name companies and stores often use freebies as a way of promoting a new product or service. Why not? It works! Favoritize your favorite links, and check them about every week or so, as they often change their promotions and offers on a regular basis.  Most often, you’ll find free shipping offers or free gifts with purchase promotions. There are even a few web sites (particularly beauty stores) that offer free samples with every order!

2- Search For Freebie Web sites and Blogs

Let me just start with there are a ton of these types of websites out there! One notable web site is mysavings.com, which essentially is an online directory listing a wide range of current freebies to choose from. While I advise Googling “freebie web sites” to find more like-minded sites, it’s important to know that many web sites will try to get you to sign up for a free daily or weekly newsletter to be sent to your inbox. While it may seem wise at first, it’s better just to favoritize the web site than to get extra spam.

3- Final Word of Caution

Many web sites and links will claim to give you a “free” designer handbag or high-end electronic item for nothing but shipping and handling. But in order to obtain such expensive item, you have to complete a series of offers that range from free offers to credit cards to expensive memberships. Essentially you’re purchasing from their third party sponsers to get the item, then have your friends do the same. Cut out the middleman, and just purchase the item yourself.

  1. Sticky says:

    I have never found a freebie on internet. All freebies usually comes with an action that is required from an internet user. For example, the internet surveys which some people say that its some kind of freebie. You can only get points that can be converted to free cash or ticket compliments once you do an online survey that takes like around 30 mins. That means 30 minutes of internet connection which you will pay for at the end of the month.

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