How to Find the Right Plus-Size Sports Bra

by Cricket Webber | November 5th, 2015 | Active Wear, Plus-Size Fashion

sports bra (400x400)Finding the right sports bra is sometimes tougher than finding the Holy Grail. Some plus-size women feel that wearing their regular bra is enough, but it’s just not enough support when you’re jogging or doing other activities. You can start out with your regular bra size, but it’s a good idea to get measured. When you take some styles into the dressing room, take a few that are both a size above and a size below your measured size, just to be sure.

The Straps

Check how the straps fit when the bra is on you. Most sports bras don’t have adjustable straps, so the fit is extremely important. Stand comfortably and look in the mirror. You shouldn’t see the straps digging into your shoulders at all. Slide two fingers under the strap and glide them up and over your shoulder. They should fit easily without stretching the strap or digging into your skin.

The Band

The band itself should fit snugly, without being so tight that you feel constricted at all. Turn and look at the fit of the band in a mirror. You shouldn’t see any gapping at all, from any angle. You should be able to easily fit one finger under the band, though. Bend and twist a bit while you’re at it. The sports bra shouldn’t ride up or slide around, no matter what you’re doing.

The Girls

The “girls” should both fit well within the cups of the sports bra. That means that you shouldn’t have any overflow or bulging from the top of the bra or around the sides. If you need to adjust a little bit, that’s one thing but you shouldn’t have to tug and shove too much. After you bend and twist to check the fit of the band you shouldn’t have to adjust the girls at all. If it’s the right sports bra, they’re going to stay where you put them.

Overall Fit

As you’re checking all of the individual piece of the sports bra out, take a look at the overall fit. Nothing should be gathered or puckered anywhere. If you see bunching, for example, it’s possible that the cup size is too large. An ill-fitting sports bra isn’t going to support you the way that you need it to, particularly if you’re doing something really active. If the bra is too tight, you’re risking chafing. So be sure to check the fit from all angles.

Sometimes it takes more than one sports bra to find the perfect one, so keep trying!

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