How to Have the Best Prom Ever

by Sam P. | May 5th, 2015 | Sam's Suggestions, Teen Fashion

prom (400x400)Prom is here.  Depending on the school you go to, you may have already had your prom a week or two ago, or it is next weekend (like mine!).  Either way it is prom season, ladies and gents.  The trick to having the greatest prom ever is to not stress over it.  I mean it’s prom, who stresses out about prom?  There are a few tricks to have up your sleeve for any impending dress, hair, or makeup problems, along with anything else that can go wrong.

The first trick is to keep oil blotting papers in your purse.  Before you go to snap a few pics with your friends, pat your face down with a paper to sop up any excess oil from dancing all night.  It will keep you from looking greasy in pictures, and by not piling on powder, it will keep your face from looking cakey.  Also keep lipstick in your bag, plus Q-Tips.  You may need to touch up your lipstick throughout the night. With all the dancing you do, your makeup may start to smudge so if this happens touch it up with a Q-Tip.   Try to avoid reapplying eye makeup, like mascara.  Piling on too many layers of it may cause it to crumble or smudge more.

Another great trick for you makeup is how to transfer from a picture ready face to an in-person face.  When you do your makeup do it overly heavy.  Don’t blot your lipstick, and avoid blending your eyeshadow out too much.  Once you finish taking photos blot your lipstick and finish blending out your eye shadow.  You can even remove your false lashes if you like.  This will keep your face from being too over the top and heavy in person, but still fabulous in photos.

The best trick I have for a professional looking photo though is a heavy brow.  Many photographers say the trick to getting a professional looking photo out of your aunt, mother, or whoever else is going to take a thousand pics of you on prom night is to frame your face with brows.  If you need help filling in your brows, you can find out how to do them here.  If you usually fill in your brows, just do them darker and fuller than you usually would.  This will help to frame your face and will actually make your bone structure stand out more.

Fill your purse with bobby pins, a mini can of hairspray, deodorant, perfume, safety pins, fashion tape, and a pair of cotton unworn socks.  If you have a hair emergency spray a bobby pin with hairspray.  The hairspray will cause the bobby pin to stick even better, holding your hair in better as well.  The safety pins and fashion tape are for dress emergencies.  Straps fall off, or strapless dresses end up being too big.  Use the safety pins to hold the dress together and the fashion tape to hold it up and onto yourself.  Deodorant and perfume are no brainers, you will be dancing all night and want to smell fresh still.  The socks, however, are for deodorant stains.  It happens to everyone, you’re rushing and you get deodorant on your dress.  Use a clean pair of cotton socks, baby socks work best, and rub it over the stain.  It should pick it right up!

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