How to Look Fabulous in Plus-Size Casual Wear

by R. Carnavale | January 22nd, 2015 | Plus-Size Fashion, Women's Fashion

girl in fall outfit (400x400)If you’ve got a curvy figure, you’ll want to do everything you can to accentuate the positives and minimize the negatives when it comes to wearing casual clothes. Of course, a lot depends upon whether you’ve got an apple or a pear silhouette. If you have an apple shape, you’re probably top-heavy with  a full bust, wide torso and waits and broad shoulders. Your arms, legs and hips tend to be on the thin side when compared to your body and when you gain weight, it goes straight to your waist.

If you’re apple-shaped, aim for monochrome color scheme when it comes to your tops and bottoms because when you wear the same color throughout, you’ll make your overall silhouette look longer and slimmer.

  • You’ll want to avoid shorts, jeans or pants with waistbands that fall on or below your hips or anything that’s too tight.
  • Dark colors will help create a straight, clean line from your hips to your ankle and bootcut jeans will add balance to your total look and make sure the fabric has a little spandex in it to help define your tummy area and emphasize your hips and butt.
  • Mid-riff tops, and any fabric length that stops below or above your middle, wide belts, clingy shirts, bulky sweaters, and tops made from fabrics that have a different pattern or design in the stomach area are definite no-nos because they’ll draw attention to an area you’re trying to minimize.
  • Try to distract people’s from gazing at your heavy torso area and direct their attention elsewhere by wearing eye-catching accessories like a hat, pretty earrings, or colorful shoes.
  • Wear tops with V-necks because the V-neck will make your body look slimmer. Camis in a lightweight fabric are perfect for layering and look great under a jacket or button-down top.
  • When it comes to swim wear, tankinis are your best friend because they provide coverage and shape enhancement, whereas a one-piece suit or bikini will make you look heavier. Choose darker colors to enhance your silhouette.

If your body is pear– or Christmas-tree-shaped, the widest part of your body is around your hips.

  • Minimize your bottom half by wearing a solid, dark color when it comes to pants and jeans. Flared bottoms draw attention away from the hips, whereas capris, high-waisted or tapered pants will accentuate them.
  • Your goal is to balance your big hips by accentuating the top half of your body with a colorful top, hat, big handbag, scarf or jewelry.
  • Your tops should be eye-catching — think big bold designs with details at the neckline. Plunging necklines work well, too, as do off-the-shoulder tops that show off your shoulders.
  • Tunic tops will draw attention away from your hips and accentuate your upper body while making you look thinner and taller.
  • Jackets and tops should end at your hip line, not below it or above it, because they’ll make your hips look bigger.
  • High heels and knee-high boots will elongate your silhouette and balance your pear-shaped curves.
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