How to Make a DIY Flower Crown

by Sam P. | August 29th, 2014 | Accessories, DIY, Women's Fashion

sams diy flower crownFlower crowns have absolutely been all the rage lately.  You can buy them just about anywhere, but usually if they’re less that ten dollars the quality is pretty cheap.  And if you want one that is of good quality, they can get pretty pricey for a simple little headband.  Therefore, I decided to make my own.

You will need twenty gauge wire – I bought eight yards of it because that’s all they had and I have enough to probably make several more.  You will also need fake flowers; I used daisies, but you can use whatever you like.  I bought four bunches because I thought I would need that many, but I could probably make another one to two crowns.  Lastly, you will need green floral tape and wire cutters.  All of this you can get at a craft store for pretty cheap.  I already had the wire cutters so I didn’t have to buy them, and a bought double the amount of flowers as I needed, but my total was right around ten dollars.

To start you will need to measure out the wire.  I started by just wrapping it around my head twice and cutting it to the length I needed.  Then use the floral tape to keep the wire together.  Now that you have that done, remove all the flowers and their stems from the large stem.  Each flower needs to have a stem of at least one inch length so you can tape the stem onto the wire.  Take one flower and place it on the wire with the stem going parallel with the wire.  Take about an inch or two of the floral tape and tape the stem to the wire.  Try to place the tape as close to the top of the stem near where the flower is so it is secure.  If you tape the flower down at the end of the stem, the flower can flop around more and will fall off easier.

Once you have one flower taped on, place another flower next to it on the wire so the stems are facing in the right direction.  Using the floral tape once again, tape the flower onto your crown.  If your flowers have leaves on them, you can add a few of those in as well. Do the same thing with the leaves as you did the flowers so the leaves have an inch long stem.  Every so often, place a leaf in instead of a flower to add some diversity.  Or you can even tape down a flower and a leaf at once so it looks as if the flower is sitting upon the base of the leaf.

Continue taping the flowers down until the crown is full.  I made my flowers pretty close together, but you can do them as close or as far apart as you like.  I would suggest filling any bare spots in with the floral tape so it is green.

Now that your beautiful crown is finished, wear it however you like and embrace the flower child inside of you.

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