How to Make Shopping Less of a Chore and More of a Pleasure

by Patti | March 4th, 2009 | Money Saving Hints

TouchSome people love any excuse to head to the malls, whereas others view it with a sense of annoyance and dread. If you fall into the latter group, then you need to find ways to inject some fun into your shopping experience. Here we outline some suggestions as to how you can enjoy a trip to the mall a little more and how you can make better use of the time you spend shopping!

-Choose one day of the week to run all of your shopping errands. This will decrease the headache of having to run out one day for one item and another day for another.

-Shop either in the morning shortly after stores open or around suppertime and into the evening. These tend to be the least busy times of the day at the malls.

-Write a shopping list, and buy only those items. When you go into a store head straight for the aisle that has the bread or the cereal. This will save you lots of time and will prevent you from spending more money than you had planned to spend.

-Try one stop shopping. Choose one grocery store or department store in which you can find all of your necessary purchases. While there may be an item you want at another store that costs less, you still have to worry about traffic, parking and the extra money you will pay for gas to get there. You might as well stay in one place and save yourself from having to deal with any of these worries.

-Shop online whenever possible. Maybe you cannot buy groceries online, but you certainly can buy Christmas presents, birthday presents and shower gifts online. This limits the hassle and stress of shopping, as you can shop from the comfort of your favorite chair instead!

-Browse through store flyers before you go shopping to familiarize yourself with what is on sale. Make sure you take note of the dates on which sales begin and end. Also carefully read item descriptions. A brand of soup may be on sale at your local grocery store, but it may be only two flavors out of the five that the company sells that are reduced.

-If shopping alone is tension filled and lonely for you and/or if you are more likely to impulse shop when you are alone, then invite a friend to come along with you for company.

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