How to Shop for Budget Jewelry

by Gumer Liston | January 26th, 2010 | Women's Fashion

Yes, the best jewelry naturally is expensive, but it doesn’t mean to say that  you cannot wear attractive jewelry if you are on a tight budget. It is just a matter of knowing where and when to buy good but cheap jewelry. You can save a lot of money on any type of jewelry if you know how to look for inexpensive but quality jewelry. Here are some general tips that may help you find good budget jewelry:

Regularly check out local department stores’ sales racks. There are periods when department stores make markdowns on a lot of items including  jewelry. This usually happens when the next season’s shipments just have arrived or are about to arrive; they have to dispose of the old stock quickly and the only way to do it is by putting it on sale. You should be there at the right time.

It is also good to check out pawnshops. You cannot really tell what you will find in pawnshops, but you may chance upon a very good but inexpensive item. You also can visit thrift stores, but, of course, thrift stores rarely have really good jewelry. However, if you visit thrift stores regularly, your chance of coming upon a “rare” lucky find would be higher.

Always be on the lookout for yard sales. Like with pawnshops, you never can tell what you may find in yard sales, but you can get lucky and come upon a good item. What is good about yard sales is that you can use your bargaining skills to get a good deal.

You also can look for cheap jewelry online. There are good places to bid for jewelry online like eBay, Bidz.com, and JustBeads.com, these are just some of the sites where you can get good deals on jewelry. If you like handmade jewelry, you can visit online stores 0n Etsy. It is easy to find cheap but quality handmade jewelry there.

Inexpensive but quality jewelry can be found anywhere if you know how and where to look. A basic knowledge of jewelry is also a plus, so that you will know if the deal you got is really a good deal.

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