How to Stay Warm at Football Games

by Sam P. | October 29th, 2013 | Casual Tops

winter hats glovesIf you live anywhere north of the Mason Dixon line you’ll be sure to agree that it is getting quite cold out.  And last Friday night at my school’s homecoming game I was sure that my toes had frost bite.  By the end of the night I couldn’t even feel my legs!  And at that point it is tough to have fun at the games, but there are tricks to staying warm.  Layers.  And just for you, I will go through mine to show the best way to stay warm.

  1. Always start with a layer of Under Armour and a pair of regular socks.  These clothes are designed to block wind and keep in body heat.  Try to wear a Under Armour shirt and some sort of running tights.  If you don’t have any, long johns work well.  If all else fails, wear a pair of leggings and a tight long sleeve shirt.
  2. Next wear a pair of sweatpants, yoga pants, or jeans.  I would shy away from yoga pants though as they tend to be thinner.  And yes, wear them over the pants or leggings you already have on.  Make sure you pick a pair that are thick and don’t have holes in them.  And, remember to tuck your first shirt into these pants.
  3. Thick fuzzy socks, and pull them up over your pants.
  4. Some sort of sweater or jacket.  You want it to be thin, though, as you will be wearing more over it.  I find a windbreaker works best.
  5. A thick sweatshirt.  Preferably over-sized so if it’s extremely cold you can tuck yourself into it.
  6. A scarf, snow hat, and gloves.  Trust me, the little extras help a lot.
  7. Warm boots.  Don’t neglect your toesies!

Now, if you’re like me and are dating someone on the football team, you probably have their jersey.  Luckily, they tend to be enormous so they will fit over all these layers.  Speaking of layers, you may think all of this is over kill, but that’s the point.  If for some reason you end up getting a little hot in this, you can always peel off an item or two for a cool down.

With my tricks you will never be miserable (from the cold at least) at a football game again.

(Photo courtesy of Michael & Christa Richert)

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