How to Transform Your Heels

by Sam P. | February 12th, 2015 | DIY, Fashion

DIY GLITTER SHOESI love heels, but do you ever get the feeling you have one too many pairs of black pumps?  The other day I decided this about myself and vouched to change this.  OF course throwing out heels is sacrilege to me and I can’t stop buying them so I decided to transform a pair of them.  I have always wanted a pair of heels with a sparkly heel, but I either can’t find them or they are far too expensive.  So I took matters into my own hands.  I would suggest, however, trying this out first on your least favorite pair of heels in case things do not work out in your favor.


  • Heels
  • Sparkly or colored nail polish


  • Glue
  • Glitter
  • Paint brushes


  1. If you are opting to use nail polish, start with a clean heel with relatively little scratches on it.
  2. If there are scratches on your heel try to fill them in with a color or nail polish that matches the color of your heels.
  3. Whatever section you would like to change, and I chose the actual heel and the underside of the instep, paint one thin coat of polish on.
  4. After the polish dries, paint on another coat if you need in the same color, or apply a coat of sparkly polish on.


  1. For the option with glue and glitter start again with a clean heel.
  2. If there are scratches outside of where you will be applying glitter, again fill them in with nail polish.
  3. Whatever section you would like to be sparkly, I would suggest either doing just the heel, the whole shoe, or, if you want to be daring, the platform section of the shoe, paint with a thin coat of glue using the paint brush.
  4. Without allowing the glue to dry too much, apply a heavy coat of glitter to the section of the shoe coated in glue.
  5. If needed, the shoe can be done in sections.
  6. A clear coat can be applied over the glitter, but be gentle to try not to dislodge the glitter.

Your shoes will now be transformed into a gorgeous new shoe that I can almost promise no one will have a duplicate of.  This is also a great way to save a pair of heels.  Many of my shoes are starting to get very scuffed on the platform and heel part of the shoe, and by applying color or glitter to the shoe it hides it.  Plus, you can now easily touch up any scuffs on the shoe without having to pray that the paint you have is the same color as your shoe.

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