How to Wear Colored Denim

by Anna P. | September 1st, 2011 | Fashion

It’s hard to imagine that a type of denim would be hard to wear, but with the current trend of colored denim, it is a bit trickier. This latest style can come in a wide array of cool and bright hues, like red, pink, yellow, or even green. If you don’t have the bold personality to match the look, you’re better off sticking to the classic hues. If you are daring enough, here is how you can wear the look with true style!

1- Never match your pants with your top or jacket.

You wouldn’t match your shoes and handbag, so why would you match your clothes? Instead, you should opt to pair your bright denim pants with a top in either a muted color or black. Bright denim looks terrific with solid white tops, grey tees, and cream cardigans.

2- Skinny denim in a vivid color is a no-no unless you’re really thin.

Bold colors tend to emphasize the most unflattering parts of the body, and brightly colored denim is no exception. If you’ve got hips or a slightly rounded derriere, you could try colored denim in bootcut or classic styles. If you’re super svelte, you can probably get away the skinny denim in fun colors.

3- The same rules of fit apply.

Jeans are jeans, even if the pair in question is bright purple, so a proper fit still applies. You’ll want a pair of denim pants that fit without being too tight or too loose. Try on several pairs of same style in different sizes if you have to.

4- Take good care of your colored jeans.

Colored denim needs to be washed with clothes in like colors, and preferably with a color-safe detergent. If your favorite pair gets a stain, be very careful when removing it. Use a color-safe stain remover, and never use bleach. Tide makes good stain fighting products and detergent for colored clothes.

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