How to Wear Prints

by Anna P. | January 3rd, 2012 | Fashion

Fun prints and patterns are essential to every serious fashionista’s wardrobe. Where would we be without out gorgeous silk floral printed sundresses or funky vintage polka-dot blouses? These stylish items bring life to our most basic pieces like jeans, classic wool trousers, and black pencil skirts.

But as with every fashion item that sits in our closets, there are a few simple style rules to follow.

1- Always choose smaller prints.

Printed patterns are fun, but they can also be a little intimidating. The larger the print, the more intimidating the style can appear, so unless you’re up for the challenge, always try to stick to smaller prints like paisley or tiny polka dots.

2- Hide your flaws with a darker pattern.

Colorful prints were designed to flaunt your best features, so if you’re looking for a chic printed garment to conceal, go for a darker print.  Try a ditsy print or floral in black, deep gray, or brown.

3- Skip the printed pants and shorts.

When it comes to selecting super cool printed pieces, it’s best to stick with dresses, skirts, and tops. Try to skip printed pants or shorts because they tend to look a lot like pajama bottoms. Printed tights or leggings are okay if the colors are dark and are worn with simpler pieces like a-line skirts or linen shorts. Skip brightly colored or printed tights.

4- Never mix two prints together.

Here is one style rule you can break on one condition: the two printed pieces in question must be in the same color family but not match. For instance, you could try pairing a printed tank top in medium red with a printed sweater in a darker red print.  Never pair two prints that don’t look like they belong together.

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