How To Wear Riding Boots This Fall

by Anna P. | October 18th, 2013 | Shoes, Women's Fashion

dressYou don’t have to be a cowgirl or a horse rider to appreciate a good pair of riding boots. The best pairs add style and comfort. You want these shoes to keep your feet warm from the cold and elements, which means you may have to find a pair that costs more. There are lots of stylish ways to make riding boots your own this season, try pairing them with a flirty bohemian blouse and skinny dark blue jeans or maybe a maxi dress with fitted denim jacket. Here is a list of stylish ideas and tips to help you rock this particular trend now.

1-  Sassy In Stripes

This particular look starts with a cool black and white striped sweater. Ideally, you’ll probably wear this top with skinny black jeans or leggings(the latter will fair better with a longer sweater). Add a wide belt to cinch the waist or perhaps a fitted jacket instead. Complete the look with black or brown riding boots for a preppy-ish look that’s stylish. Interesting enough, there are many different ways you could wear stripes(tees, tanks, blouses, or even dresses). You could try a red and white striped dress that hits right above the knee, then add black riding boots for a fresher look.

2- Bohemian Femme

Show off your bohemian side with a long skirt and tank top(or a maxi dress). Add a pair of pretty riding books with intricate embroidered designs or top stiching. To keep the look from appearing to Little House on the Praire-esque, you’ll need to accessorize well. Skip large bags in favor of trendy small crossbody bag. Choose minimal jewelry pieces like a simple gold or silver ring and stud earrings. You could add more jewels, but you’ll still want to work with less.

3- Sporty Chic

Who says you can’t wear riding boots with sportier styles? Try wearing a pair of brown leather riding boots with classic tee shirts and blue jeans. If you want to add something fun, try a graphic tee or maybe a colored tee. You could also rock a cool tank top on warmer days. You can add a blazer for flare or a bright knit scarf for color. If you want to accessorize smart, you could try a cute pinstripe fedora hat or maybe layer several strands of necklaces for depth. The key here is to add a bit of tomboy-ish flare to the look, and riding boots help.

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