How to Wear Shorts

by Anna P. | May 31st, 2011 | Fashion, Women's Fashion

Shorts are a summer fashion staple. It doesn’t matter whether your define your look as classic or trendy, a great pair of shorts will keep you styling all season long! You can wear them with just about anything from simple cotton T-shirts to sporty tank tops to pretty peasant blouses. Ideally, you should own at least two pairs of shorts (one in denim and one in a dressier material like seersucker or linen). For more smart styling ideas, read below.

1- Not too Short

If own a pair of short-shorts that make you feel uncomfortable, don’t wear them. You should also avoid any pair of shorts that ride up too high when you’re bending or sitting down. Coverage is sexier than too much skin. If, however, you’re quite comfortable wearing short-shorts, do keep these following tips in mind. Always wear shorts that fully cover the backside and remember to balance the look with a classic T-shirt or button-down blouse.

2- Avoid Cut-Offs

Never attempt to make your own shorts by cutting off the legs of your jeans, and never buy a pair of denim shorts that look like cut-offs. There is nothing tackier than frayed seams or small holes on the leg. Instead, look for a classic pair of bermuda shorts in a dark wash. You can wear them with colorful blouses, funky printed camisoles, and low-cut camisoles.

3- Try a Printed Pair

Revamp your look with a pair of shorts in a fun print! Forget large prints; go with smaller prints like ditsy floral, pin stripes, or tiny polka-dots. Balance out your look and wear them with a polo in a solid color like blue or red. You can dress up the look even more by adding a belt and flats.


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